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UK pet ownership rate is 62%

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In the United Kingdom, in excess of six out of ten families (62%) own a pet of some sort or another, as per the UK Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA). PFMA led an overview of almost 9,000 UK families. Canines stayed the most well-known pets with 13 million creatures, followed intently by felines with a populace of 12 million. Additionally highlighted in PFMA’s main ten diagrams are 1.6 million indoor birds, 1.4 million homegrown fowl, 1 million bunnies, 900,000 guinea pigs, 700,000 pigeons, 600,000 hamsters, and 600,000 turtles (and turtles), and 600,000 ponies (and horses). The review of very nearly 9,000 UK families affirmed that canines beat out everyone else with 13 million, followed intently by felines with a populace of 12 million.

All together very nearly 4 million birds are being kept as pets by roughly 1.5 million families – an increment of right around one quarter (23%) on the earlier year’s figures. Little warm-blooded creatures are major areas of strength for likewise a sum of 2.5 million hares, guinea pigs, and hamsters are kept by around 1.5 million families.

Fish were not estimated as individual creatures by the PFMA study, however, there were 8 million indoor fish tanks (17% families) and 6.5 million outside lakes (12% families). These figures are up by around 60% on last year when 5 million possessed an indoor tank and 4.1 million had a lake.

Ten million, 34% of UK families own a canine, contrasted with 28% (8.2 million) possessing a feline. Families with both a feline and canine are up marginally to 11% (3.2 million). Taking a gander at families with kids, 77% have a pet (6.9 million), which is an increment of 12% on 2021 figures, when 6.15 million families possessed a pet.

The web-based overview has been run for two successive years. In 2021 the size was 5,093 and in 2022 is 8,983 for the super yearly populace figures. For 2022, an alert is required while contrasting 2022 information with earlier years because of the adjustment of test size. Rates of families claiming pets can measure up somewhere in the range of 2022 and 2021.

Top 10 pets in the United Kingdom

  1. 13 million canines (34% families)
  2. 12 million felines (28% families)
  3. 1.6 million indoor birds (2.9% families)
  4. 1.4 million homegrown fowl (1.4% families)
  5. 1 million bunnies (2.4% families)
  6. 0.9 million Guinea pigs (1.3% families)
  7. 0.7 million pigeons (0.9% families)
  8. 0.6 million hamsters (1.5% of families)
  9. 0.6 million turtles and turtles (1.4% families)
  10. 0.6 million ponies and horses (1.1% families)

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